Rent a car in Zakynthos

Fast & Reliable Delivery and Support


  • Meet & Greet at the airport

    We'll meet you at Zakynthos International Airport to deliver/pick up the car. We'll provide you with maps and direct you to your place of staying.

  • Unlimited mileage

    Miles or kilometers? Doesn't matter, with us they are unlimited! Don't think about it, travel all you want during your stay.

  • Free child safety seat Free additional driver

    We'll provide you with all the child safety seats you need for free. Also, we offer a free additional driver plan!

  • Free theft protection

    Our Free Theft Protection plan limits the driver’s liability for costs incurred by the theft of the rental car. It does not cover personal effects.

  • About Us

    Bossanova Car Rental Services is an agency based in Zakynthos - Greece. We pride ourselves at doubling our repeat customer base every year since we were founded. Our intimate knowledge of our fleet, combined with unique dealer relationships allows us to offer a diverse fleet of vehicles at an extremely competitive price. Continually growing and evolving, we are dedicated to moving with the times, thereby implementing new programs and specials regularly to ensure we are keeping up with what our clients need. Our vision keeps us focused on what we strive for - to be the first choice for car rentals in Zakynthos.

  • location

    Kandianou Roma 3, Zakynthos 29100, Greece